Some very nice office spaces here. I can imagine it being very inspiring to work in a creative environment like these.

Seamless animated gifs of movie stills

3D GIFs = awesome

We’re in the future, and interfaces are falling behind the curve. Software should feel as responsive and human as the people interacting with it. Design should respond and react with vitality. Too much design is created with an old, static web mentality, and not pushing the new mediums we have to design for. What is it like building interfaces with an animated foundation? Why is it better? This will be an adventure into the magical cosmos of animation. Cartoons, Anvils, Jokes, Jokes people might not get, Dynamite, Stage Dives!”

My current work space is pretty cool - but check out some of these amazing places to work! Github has an oval office!

This is nice! but to find out that it was US only I had to dig down into the Help area! Do they live in a bubble?


Using Light To Map Real-Time Safety Cues Onto Urban Environments - PSFK

This is awesome! Makes so much sense as the way forward for road safety

Really nice and simply, but very much relies on the photography. And $2.99? Ouch!


feed on The Whole Pantry

This has given me an idea for a UI.. thanks! :)